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Bifocal Lenses


Bifocal lenses are designed for both distance and near vision, the latter being enabled by a small segment in the lower part of the lens. The lens is visibly divided into two parts in which the zone for near vision is separated, resulting in a less than aesthetic effect. This remains an effective, but now slightly outmoded solution.


These lenses serve for correction of presbyopia, which is manifested by a loss of flexibility in the eye and a loss of the ability to focus on near objects. It appears most commonly for people aged in their 40s.

Progressive lenses are the only lenses to enable comfortable and sharp vision at all 3 distances – distance, middle and near, all with one pair of glasses.

Varifocal lenses provide continuous vision for all distances in a single lens, and correct presbyopia. They are often described as having 3 'portions' of vision: long distance at the top of the lens, reading at the bottom, and intermediate in the middle.

Today modern technologies enable the production of lenses without any conspicuous transition between the different zones. Thanks to this, they do not have a visible and separated 'near vision' zone (in contrast with bifocal lenses), and are therefore not only more aesthetic, but at the same time ensure that no “image jump” takes place. A progressive lens is the same to look at as a single-vision lens, and provides undisturbed ocular contact with the environment.


Progressive lenses are the best and most modern solution for multiple vision requirements as characterized by presbyopes.

The main benefit of these lenses is maximum comfort, because the wearer does not need to alternate between a number of types of dioptric glasses. At the same time they correct regular ocular defects, whether short-sightedness, long-sightedness or astigmatism.

You can choose from a number of special variants and types. Do you need glasses for driving or for example for working at a computer? At Mayfair Vision we have a solution for all our customers, whatever the price range, and cater to specific requirements for the function of the lenses.

All variants of progressive lenses guarantee their wearers maximum quality and meet modern aesthetic requirements.